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About Us

How We Are Different

Since its inception, 'E & Tee World-class Pest Control Service' has provided the finest pest control solutions and exceptional and ornamental care experience you will find, anywhere. Couple that with the dedication and result-oriented delivery required to finish up a small project like nothing has ever happened at the premises.

'E & Tee World-class Pest Control Service' was founded with a dream and passion to deliver help and assist our community with pest infestations, wildlife, and rodents issues.

As a pest control company, our dream started with the thought to deliver great service to clients battling against pests. We stand on service quality professionalism, courtesy, and care for our clients that serve residents and businesses throughout New York.

We love what we do and our jobs, and we take our pests' eliminating missions very seriously. We offer premier customer service because of our highly trained workers who are responsive and proactive at the same time.


Our Mission Statement

To protect the general welfare of every New Yorker, follow regulatory procedures, educate clients and implement the Integrated Pest Management Plan to eradicate pests/rodents.


24 Hour Pest Control Services for your Home and Business in NYC

Open 24 Hours Emergency Pest Control Services
The Most Dependable and Affordable Local Pest Control in NYC
Serving Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Long Island City
Rockland County Orange County, Dutchess County, Sullivan County.
Toll Free: (845) 313-9654| Direct: 845-313-9654| Text: (609) 287-0734

Using Pest Control Products - Free from Side effects

Many of our residential clients have children and pets in their homes, and most of the consumers don't like to use pest control chemicals near their children and pets. We only use unharmful and environment-friendly pest control products that are authorized and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) state regulations.

Fully Trained Pest Control Technicians

Throughout the year, our pest control professionals undergo top-notch training. We keep up with all developing industry trends, use the best materials, use the most exact procedures, and continually learn the latest safety practices, so you can trust us to eliminate pests out of any facility effectively.

Solving Pest Problems For Years

We have been delivering top-notch pest management services to homes and businesses for years professionally, and we're not about to stop! We provide industry-leading pest control solutions to protect your home, family, and businesses without using any musty and poisonous chemicals with a guarantee to keep pests away.

We Say No To Bugs Till The End

We take every step to satisfy you and leave you with a pest-free environment. We'll locate the areas where termites, bed bugs, spiders, rats, ants, and other pests like to reside and conceal. See how we work.

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Examine Your Residence

We look for problems and give recommendations.

Get Rid of Pests

We get rid of any pests that have taken up residence in your home.

Create a Perimeter

To keep pests out, we build a barrier around your house.

Typical Treatments

Routine treatments maintain the barrier active and keep you pest-free for the long haul.


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